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Recruitment - UPH Doctoral School

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The condition of applying for admission to the Doctoral School of the Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities is:

• the registration in the Online Candidate Registration System (IRK),

• submitting a set of documents in paper version.


Online Registration of Candidates applying for admission to the UPH Doctoral School will be available from 1-31 August 2023.



• selects CREATE ACCOUNT option, reads the information provided and consents to the processing of personal data by selecting the CONTINUE button. Choosing the CANCEL option prevents registration in the system.

• establishes a personal registration account (the account identifier is the email address in the IRK system). The personal registration account is the only source of information provided to the candidate. This means that messages placed on the candidate's personal account are considered delivered and binding;

• enters access password. This is a very important moment of recruitment - the password should be retained for later use in subsequent stages of the recruitment process. The password is the only form of authorization of the system user and therefore it must not be disclosed to third parties. Siedlce University is not responsible for the consequences of making the password available to third parties, and in particular for changes to entries authorized by this password;

• completes and confirms the personal data form as described;

• selects the discipline;

• pays the recruitment fee at the amount determined by the IRK system when the candidate selects the discipline/disciplines.

Online registration is considered binding after the candidate has entered all required data with the selected discipline, paid the recruitment fee and when the fee is transferred to the Siedlce University account. Any consequences related to the incorrect or incomplete filling in the online forms, or to providing false information shall be borne by the applicant for admission to the School.


The discipline can be selected by clicking on the OFFER button.

After selecting (clicking) the discipline, the system will open a window with a detailed description. Registration for the selected discipline is done by clicking the SAVE button.


Immediately after registering in the IRK system, the candidate is obliged to submit a complete set of required documents in paper form within the deadline specified in the schedule for the organisation of recruitment procedure:

 1)    application for admission addressed to the Director of the School, with the form available in Annex 1 to this Resolution;

 2)    a personal questionnaire, including a description of the candidate's scientific interests, with the form available in Annex 2 to this Resolution;

 3)    a photocopy of the diploma with the diploma supplement, certified as being in conformity with the original by an authorised person;

 4)    application for the issuance of an Electronic Doctoral Student Card (the candidate uploads a file with a photograph that meets the same requirements as when submitting applications for an ID card).

 If the diploma of graduation or the document confirming the candidate's scientific achievement is in a foreign language, then, in addition, its certified translation must be attached, which should be made by:

 1)    a person entered by the Minister of Justice on the list of sworn translators, or

 2)    in a Member State of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland, a person registered as performing a function corresponding to that of a sworn translator in Poland, or

 3)    the consul of the Republic of Poland in the country on whose territory or in whose legal system the document was issued, or

 4)    a diplomatic mission or consular post, accredited in Poland, of the country on whose territory or in whose legal system the document was issued.

 Foreign candidates submit the documents listed in item 1 above together with their certified translation, if they were issued in a language other than Polish, and: diplomas of graduation with supplements legalized or with an apostille, documents confirming the candidate's scientific achievements, a document confirming the knowledge of the language in which education is conducted at the School, i.e. Polish or English.


The recruitment fee is 200 PLN for each selected discipline. The amount of the recruitment fee is calculated by the IRK system when the candidate selects the discipline/disciplines.

The IRK system generates an individual bank account number to each candidate for the School. Therefore, the account should not be shared with other people.

• The recruitment fee must be paid in good time to be credited to the candidate’s Siedlce University account. It is recommended that fee payment be made by bank transfer through systems guaranteeing the rapid flow of funds, e.g. using interbank settlement or online banking.

• Once the recruitment fee has been credited to the Siedlce University account, a confirmation of the payment will be added to the candidate's personal registration account. If such information is not sent approximately four working days after the fee is paid, the candidate should contact the School Office.

• If the application for admission to the School is withdrawn after payment of the fee, there is no basis for its reimbursement.


Documents should be submitted to the Doctoral School Office on August 28 - September 1, 2023

Doctoral School

Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities

ul. Żytnia 39, 08-110 Siedlce


room no. 1.56 

phone  025/643 18 16,

or by post. The date of submission of documents by post is determined by the date of receipt by the School.

Additional information on recruitment can be obtained by e-mail: szkoladoktorska@uph.edu.pl or anna.kamecka@uph.edu.pl


Recruitment results will be available in the IRK system, in the account of each registered candidate and on the Doctoral School website, tab Candidates.