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  • Candidates are assisted at the Faculty of Humanities located at ul. Żytnia 39 (main entrance from ul. Popiełuszki 9), Room 0.69, 0.70, from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 15:30 hrs.
  • To find out more about the application process, please contact the Selection Committee by




Stage I

Stage II

Stage III

Online registration with IRK (System of online candidate registration) 1):


07.05.– 20.07.2019

16.00 hrs


16.00 hrs

21.08. - 25.09.2019

16.00 hrs

Main Contact Point for Candidates

01.07. – 04.10.2019

from 8:00 to 15:00 hrs

from Monday to Friday

Application fee payment deadline:






Submission of documents (applicable also to documents sent by post):

Address: Uniwersytet Przyrodniczo-Humanistyczny w Siedlcach

(Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities)

Komisja Rekrutacyjna (Selection Committee)

ul. Żytnia 39, 08-110 Siedlce

01.07.– 20.07.2019




21.08. - 25.09.2019


Interviews for candidates / English language examination:

Faculty of Humanities, Room ……..

ul. Żytnia 39

08-110 Siedlce


10.00 hrs


09.00 hrs

National Security - 10.00 hrs



09.00 hrs

National Security - 10.00 hrs


Announcement of Results:

Lists of candidates who meet the official admission requirements and the lists of those who do not meet the aforementioned requirements.


14.00 hrs


14.00 hrs


14.00 hrs

 1)            for the purpose of initial verification, the candidate shall submit scans of the following documents (in English or Polish):

- a relevant higher education Diploma (credentials – legalised or bearing an Apostille), which give access to graduate programmes in any type of institution of higher education in the country in which it was issued (as stated on the document or in the form of a separate document). The certificate can be issued either by the institution of higher education/university in which the studies were pursued or by the educational authorities of the state within the territory of which, or in the educational system of which, the Diploma was issued;

- a Diploma Supplement or a Student Record Book (transcript);

- a Certificate attesting English language competency. 

Selection criteria

To apply for admission, one must be a holder of evidence attesting English language competency, as set out in Article 47 of the Civil Service Act dated 21 November, 2008 (J. of Laws of 2017, Items 1889 and 2203 and J. of Laws of 2018, item 106).

2)       be a holder of Certificate, Diploma or any other document of secondary education obtained abroad, confirming English as the language of instruction

3)       throughout the application process obtain a confirmation of  their readiness for  studies in English, demonstrating sufficient proficiency in English.

The selection procedure includes:

  • a ranking of Diploma grades–in the case of graduates of the same or related fields;


  • an interview covering the core subjects pursued at the first-cycle studies in the following fields: National Security/ Mathematics/ Management –in the case of candidates holding a higher education Diploma in other fields (sample subject areas are presented below – see the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab).

The grades applied to the selection process are: bardzo dobra (very good), dobra plus (good plus), dobra (good), dostateczna plus (sufficient plus), dostateczna (sufficient), niedostateczna (failing).
Any candidate who is awarded a failing grade during the interview shall not be admitted to UPH.

Should you have any doubts regarding the rules of admission resultant from the type of studies completed, please contact the Selection Committee via email:


Every candidate to the Second-Cycle Studies:

  • Selects the REGISTRATION option and expresses his consent to personal data processing. If the ‘I DON’T AGREE’ option is selected, the registration in the system will not be allowed.
  • Creates his personal registration account. The account is the only method in which information is transferred to the candidates. This means that all messages sent to the personal account of a given candidate are deemed delivered and binding;
  • Enters his access password. This is a crucial stage in the application process – the password should be stored safely for future use during the application process. As this is the sole method of authorisation of the system User, it shall not be disclosed to any third parties. UPH shall not be liable for any consequences of any such password disclosure, above all – for any changes in the texts authorised with the use of the password;
  • Completes the form with relevant data, as specified in the form;
  • Enrols in a chosen field / fields of study.  For convenience, detailed application requirements can be found with the description of the fields of studies in the online candidate registration system. Candidates may make changes to the selected study field until the end of registration (also if the admission fee has already been paid).
  • Pays application fee, calculated by the system subject to the enrolment options selected by the candidate.

Online registration shall be deemed binding upon the candidate entering all required data, selecting the study field, paying the application fee, and upon reception of a bank’s confirmation of crediting the application fee in the UPH’s account. All consequences of any errors made when completing the online forms, failing to complete the forms, or submitting untrue information shall be borne by the candidate.


  • Application fee – PLN 85. The final fee is calculated by the system subject to the enrolment options selected by the candidate.

For all transnational transactions, please use the IBAN account number:  PL(account number) and the SWIFT code: WBKPPLPP.

Name of the Bank:

Santander Bank Polska S.A.

ul. Józefa Piłsudskiego 70

08-110 Siedlce

It is recommended that the fees are paid via systems ensuring the fastest money transfers, such as interbank settlements or online banking.
When the money is credited in the UPH account, the candidate will see confirmation in his personal registration account. If no confirmation is seen within 3 working days from the time the payment is made, the Selection Committee should be contacted by email:

The bank account in the IRK system should be used only for the purpose of paying the admission fee Other accounts are provided for the payment of tuition.


The results of the application procedure are announced ONLY by their entering into the IRK system (every candidate will have a relevant message sent to his personal registration account). 
UPH shall not be liable for the consequences of any failure to read messages sent to the candidate’s personal account.